Why hiring through a recruiter is better than doing it yourself


The current skills shortage in the UK is not going unnoticed. The chorus of concern has begun to echo nationwide, and small businesses are bearing the brunt. However, no industry is feeling the effects more than the STEM sector. Faced with a shortfall of skilled candidates and an ever-growing demand, 89% of hiring managers have found recruitment to be a persistent challenge.

As if sourcing talent wasn’t tricky enough, organisations in these industries must move fast if they are to secure the best and brightest. Fortunately, recruitment consultants can help bridge the gap between STEM businesses and their ideal candidates. Industry experts with their fingers firmly on the pulse, specialist recruiters can aid businesses to tap into niche pockets of talent and deliver golden candidates by the hatful.

A talent pool at your fingertips

Any recruiter worth their salt will have an extensive network of candidates with varying skillsets and personalities. Sourcing STEM candidates can be a real headache and the nationwide skills shortage has made finding quality prospects as difficult as finding a sheet of sandpaper in the Saharan desert. Unless they boast a strong employer brand, STEM businesses may struggle to naturally attract talent and may not always know where to look.

Working with a dedicated recruiter allows eager employers unfettered access to a diverse pool of passive candidates; a network of skilled professionals that a recruiter has worked hard to nurture. Rather than spending days on the search, this approach has proven beneficial for businesses who do not have the luxury of time on their side.

Shouting from the rooftops

Spreading the word about a job vacancy without the support of a recruitment network can be incredibly difficult, and sometimes unnecessarily expensive. Social media and online job boards have proven popular with small businesses in recent years, but many will attest to the poor quality of candidates on offer.

Specialist recruiters who work in the STEM sectors have the necessary know-how to not just find candidates, but to find those who are the perfect fit for a business. Recruitment consultants will screen candidates and build relationships before a CV even lands on the desk of a hiring manager.

Keeping the costs to a minimum

One might assume that keeping your recruitment in-house is a cost-effective measure. This, however, is rarely the case when you factor in the time and effort spent throughout the process. Research has shown that the average recruitment cycle lasts 13 weeks and can cost a business anywhere between £8000 and £86,000 dependent on the skill set of the candidate.

Comparatively, working with a recruiter is often a more time efficient, successful and cost-effective method to consider. When you factor in the potential of a candidate refusing a job offer and starting the cycle once over, you’ll be glad you chose to work with a specialist recruiter.

Time to call in the professionals

In life, there is a time and place for DIY. Hanging shelves, wrapping Christmas presents and assembling Ikea furniture are all great opportunities to exert some can-do-attitude. Recruiting specialist talent? Probably something best left to the professionals. 

Though it may first seem like a fairly straightforward procedure, recruiting the right candidates is undeniably time-consuming process when starting from scratch. The reduction in productivity from those involved is visible as lengthy administration tasks begin to take over. Telephone screening, interview booking, and reviewing CVs can all eat into your precious time.

Recruiters are trained professionals in this field; their role is to take away all the chores and leave managers to focus on building a compelling proposition and enhancing the employee experience.