On the Fifth Day of Christmas engineering gave me to me…


50,000 Components

Charles Babbage

Babbage was a mathematician, philosopher, inventor and mechanical engineer, best known for his contribution towards the invention of the programmable computer.

Charles Babbage could be the real hero of Christmas. With billions of Christmas presents purchased online every year, the presence of machinery of this kind in our lives is essential.

When you need to jump onto your computer and find that board game because you’ve checked every shop possible and they all told you to order it online, think of Charles Babbage and thank him in part for the luxury and ease of Christmas shopping.

4 Stroke Engines

Nikolaus Otto

A German engineer whose hard work led to the creation of compressed charge internal combustion engines. Powered by petrol, this led to the modern internal combustion engine.

Driving home for Christmas wouldn’t be the same without this engineering mind.


3 Decades of Invention

Lee de Forest


He was known as the ‘Father of Radio’ for the simple reason that this American inventor was a pioneer in the development of the sound-on-film idea, with his Audion value used to modernise televisions and radios.

In the present day, this is integral to Christmas traditions. Without sound on films, we wouldn’t be able to hear the Whos singing their festive songs to welcome the Grinch to their town or any of the other songs in our favourite Christmas films.


2-Way Telegraph

Thomas Edison

Probably the most well-known on this list, Edison has previously been described as America’s greatest businessman. Inventing the electric light bulb, the motion picture camera and the phonograph, he made amazing contributions towards our everyday modern lives.



1 Futuristic Inventor

Nikola Tesla

Saving the best for last, this Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and physicist was way ahead of his time. His developments to the design of the AC electrical supply changed the world, and that’s not the only thing. An absolute mastermind, Tesla was the frontman for creating the original blueprints behind so many life-changing inventions; the radio, Tesla coil, fluorescent light, remote controls, three-phase electric power, induction motor, wireless telegraphy, Tesla turbine, the vacuum variable capacitor, the Tesla valve and the violet ray. All of which became the bases for future inventions, even to this day, still inspiring further ones.

All of these and many more engineers have had life-changing impacts on society, and Christmas, as well as every other day, would be a very different experience if these minds didn’t exist. This Christmas, be thankful for their contributions to our lives and maybe, spare a thought as to how you could make a difference to our world.