How to ‘right’ a wrong job choice…


This is it: youve finally taken the leap, left your previous employer and decided to take the next step in your career. A few months pass and the rose-tinted glasses have faded to a sobering shade of grey. The honeymoon period has ended, and your dream job has swiftly turned into a nightmare. Sounds familiar? Sadly, this story is well-told in the working world. Research from YouGov found that at least 10% of the working population dislike their job, while a further 6% go as far as to say they hate their current employment. 

Nobody wants to leave a job they only just started and risk having a proverbial stain on their CV. However, staying in this environment is only going to be detrimental to your long-term happiness.  

So, just what are your options?  

Salvage the sinking ship 

If theres a chance that your working life can be improved by resolving certain internal issues, it may be worth thinking twice before throwing in the towel at your current company. Road-mapping your next career steps will require you to tackle your primary struggle head first. Is your boss too pushy? Are you co-workers difficult to work with? Or was the job spec more fantasy than fiction? Maybe its all three? 

Regardless, the only sensible course of action is to break down your goals into deliverable actions. Set a meeting with your manager to discuss your unhappiness, as they may be unaware you are this dissatisfied with the current role. Further, rebuilding a relationship with your manager will require you to resist the temptation to analyse everything that has come before. Adjusting your negativity into a sunnier, more optimistic outlook can be a challenge, but the introspection could lead you to consider if you were a contributing factor to the friction in your new job. 

Lastly, remember to place the quitting option under lock and key for a later date. Its something you can always return to, but to really salvage the relationship with your employer, your heart must be fully committed to making it a success.  

Find a new golden opportunity   

If the situation is beyond salvaging, acting quickly and making the decision to find a new job is often the best course to pursue, for both you and your current employer. Remember, you should always ensure to uphold a professional manner before and after handing in your notice: just because the job isnt right for you, theres no need to drag team morale through the dirt before your exit.  

Securing new employment before providing your notice to your boss has its advantages - however, if your employer finds out, you can guarantee it wont be looked upon lightly. Remember to be both courteous, and diplomatic to everyone you encounter until your last day ithat role. This will minimise the risk of a questionable reference and may help fend off scepticism from future potential employers. 

Perhaps most importantly, its essential to think about just what you dont like about your current job and whether there were any warning signs you could have detected throughout the interview process. Did the interviewer dodge your questions? Did you ignore the negative energy in the office because you were just relieved to be off the job market? Nobody wants to be on a losing streak, and everyone deserves to be excited to go to work every morning. Do your due diligence the next time you accept a job offer.