How to make yourself known in a large company


When seeking advice on career progression within your company, most would tell you the secret is to keep your head down and produce consistent results. Truthfully, they would only be half right. In today’s competitive climate, putting the hours in and completing tasks on time is simply not enough to get ahead. To get promoted, you have to promote yourself.

However, when the company consists of hundreds of high performers all vying for the next rung on the career ladder, standing out can prove considerably more challenging. At first, it may feel as though your chances of progressing through the ranks are made significantly slimmer by the vast competition that surrounds you.

In fact, there are certain steps you can take to increase your visibility, and put yourself in the running for the next round of promotions. Here are four you can try today:

1. Volunteer to represent your department

Leaders aren’t on the lookout for those who shy away from responsibility. In order to ensure a strong succession line of future executives and managers, they promote employees who are willing to step up to the plate and speak on behalf of their team.

Always volunteer to represent your team or department at meetings, projects or planning committees. As well as raising your profile with the senior management team, this is an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, and showcase your proactive nature with the wider business.

2. Talk about your results

Taking every chance to brag about your achievements is a sure-fire way to let your boss know you’re desperate for a promotion while annoying most of your colleagues. That said, excessive modesty could harm your chances just as much. By playing down your results, you effectively neutralise yourself as a threat to others and slip under the boss’ radar.

The trick is to find the right balance; to assert the impact of your work rather than the impact of your talent. When it comes to your appraisal, always follow facts with figures that provide empirical evidence of your success: perhaps you spearheaded a project with time to spare and 10% under budget, or maybe you generated £65k in sales last month. Whatever the nature of your role, ensure you have the numbers to back up the headlines.

3. Make connections

Never underestimate the power of inter-office relationship building. It may seem time-consuming to get to know literally hundreds of staff members, but making the effort to build rapport throughout the company will undoubtedly help to increase your visibility at every level. When mutual trust with your colleagues has been achieved, you’ll be the first port of call when collaboration between departments is necessary.

On the other hand, strictly sucking up to your superiors and giving colleagues the cold shoulder will see your reputation evolve from passionate to desperate in a matter of days.

4. Seek visibility in the industry

As well as building a positive reputation within your firm, you should further aim to raise your profile within the wider industry network. For a start, you could enhance your social media presence by taking part in relevant discussions with key players, movers and shakers in your particular sector. If you’re feeling confident, you might even start creating your own content to build an organic following.

Beyond the digital realm, you can promote yourself as an expert by regularly attending or even speaking at industry events, and making meaningful connections with leaders in the sector. In doing so, your boss will be reminded of your value as an employee and your appeal as a candidate: when they know they’re onto a winner, your journey to the top of the ladder will seem less like a race, and more like a casual climb to success.