I thoroughly enjoy building long term relationships with clients and candidates. I enjoy the feeling of having done a good job and having made a difficult fill that is business critical for a client and having made a dream move possible for a candidate. We build our own personal reputation in the industry and I am proud to work here and am pleased with how I am developing as a consultant. Read more


Faced with a significant skills shortage that won’t resolve itself and the potential disruption that our impending EU exit could have on supply chains, 2019 is set to be an eventful year: Read more


In the last few days before Christmas, it’s time to think of those engineers and inventors who have shaped the way in which we celebrate Christmas today. We’re taking a look back into history at some of the engineering minds that should be celebrated this holiday. Read more


More than a technological revolution Industry 4.0 is an opportunity to undertake a complete overhaul of the manufacturing process to modernise production and meet the challenges of globalisation. But what can we expect from the next ten years? Read more


The engineering industry is always evolving, so what are the best ways to keep your knowledge up-to-date? Read more


Keeping up to date with industry news, notable achievements and recent feats in engineering is easy in the digital age. With a plethora of blogs, articles and social media posts, you could spend hours scrolling and soaking up information. However, sometimes the best way to learn is by listening: fortunately, there isn’t a shortage of engaging podcasts and YouTube channels dedicated to this fast-paced industry. Here are our Top 5 engineering podcasts/YouTube channels: Read more


As the government plans to drive Britons towards zero emission vehicles quickly pick up the pace, the electric car market has enjoyed a seismic growth spurt in the short space of five years. So, what does this mean for Welsh engineering? Read more


Problem-solving. Critical thinking. Maths. Science.These are the key attributes and abilities that form the basis of a talented engineer; they are the building blocks upon which students can develop their skills and explore their chosen specialisms. However, while the principles of engineering will always remain, the skill-set required of an engineer in 2026 will look vastly different to that of a professional in the same sector only twenty years ago. Read more


Women have long stood at the forefront of innovation. Be they ground-breaking developments in science, remarkable leaps in technology or revolutionary changes to our infrastructure, female engineers have been quietly making the UK a better place for hundreds of years.The problem is, these inspiring figures are rarely given the credit they deserve.So, we've decided to celebrate some of these incredible women. Read more


As if sourcing talent wasn’t tricky enough, organisations in these industries must move fast if they are to secure the best and brightest. Fortunately, recruitment consultants can help bridge the gap between STEM businesses and their ideal candidates. Industry experts with their fingers firmly on the pulse, specialist recruiters can aid businesses to tap into niche pockets of talent and deliver golden candidates by the hatful. Read more