6 signs you’re ready for a change of job


Ideally, people would wait until they secure a new job before handing in their notice. Sometimes we wait too long to realise we need to move on, therefore spotting the signs early, can help reduce a lot of stress and help you leave on good terms with your employer. So, what are the signs that tell you when the time is right to seek a new opportunity?

1. You get Sunday night blues:

This goes beyond just thinking that you wish the weekend could last a little bit longer. If you are no longer enjoying your job, Sunday nights can be full of dread and anxiety and you could start to feel overwhelmed over the prospect of what lies ahead over the next few days. This feeling of restlessness is a tell-tale sign that a change is needed, so take back the control and start planning your next career move!

2. You’re bored:

If you have lost the passion for your job or the company you are working for, or you aren’t being mentally stimulated, you will feel bored, the days will drag, you will be demotivated and unproductive. It happens, after all, the days when a job was for life have well gone. It may be that you have progressed as far as you can with your current employer, or you have outgrown your current role. Whatever, the reason, it’s always good to assess whether your current company is still right for you, and if not, then take a look at those opportunities lie elsewhere.

3. You aren’t learning anything new:

As humans, we enjoy learning new things. It helps us to further develop ourselves within our careers is what keeps us motivated. This is the cause of many people to becoming unhappy in their job and leaving. If you are no longer learning anything new in your job, have requested training that isn’t being provided and there is no opportunity for promotion then you probably would consider looking for a new job. But remember to make sure that you check with a future employer if they provide the training and development that you are looking for, otherwise you will be moving from one role to the next experiencing the same frustrations,

4. You’re stressed or suffer with constant headaches:

Your physical health is a reflection on your mental health, therefore if you are constantly coming down with a cold, always feel tired or constantly suffer with headaches, then it could be down to your job and stress. Your body usually knows you are stressed before you consciously do, if you are presenting physical symptoms it’s important to listen to your body and put your health first.

5. Your employer’s objectives don’t match your own:

Maybe your job requires you to travel or work a lot of unsociable hours or maybe the objectives you are being set for your job aren’t utilising your skills to their full potential. If the employer’s objectives or values don’t match your own personal goals or with your lifestyle, then it’s worth considering leaving before you become resentful or it starts to affect your relationship with your employer. Employers are always interested in hearing from great candidates so there are always opportunities to find a new role that fits in with your existing commitments.

6. It’s making you unhappy:

We each spend around 70% of our waking hours performing a work-related task; therefore, it makes sense to spend as much of that time doing something that you enjoy. Being unhappy at work will have a negative effect on all areas of your life. So, take steps to make positive changes, don’t allow your job to drag you down. Life is about living with the glass that is half full, not half empty – do a job you enjoy and never settle for less than what you deserve.

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