3 key skills to look for in Manufacturing Engineer candidates


Being a manufacturing engineer requires a high level of expertise and skill, which means you need to select the right candidate for the position. Yet picking the most talented recruits can be a difficult process, so it’s important you know the key skills to look for.

To help you out, below we’ve listed the top skills that your manufacturing engineer candidates should have and how you can spot them in an application.


Creativity is an essential skill as a manufacturing engineer. The role requires a lot of problem solving when designing equipment and diagnosing faults. This means that it’s essential that your candidate can think outside the box, coming up with new ideas to make improvements and changes to equipment.

This means you need to look for someone who is innovative, different and stands out from the crowd. Find those who can give examples of where they contributed a new idea on a project, did something different compared to the norm or thought of an effective solution to a problem.

In an interview, you could ask them how they would approach a theoretical situation and see what innovative ideas they come up with.


Workers in this industry must be open to change and have a flexible attitude to their work. After all, technology is continuously advancing and you need employees who can adapt to this when machines and systems are updated.

Alongside this, the work requires a wide knowledge of technological systems so it’s important you hire someone who can be adjustable when they apply their skills to different jobs. Importantly, you don’t want someone who can’t adapt when a new task comes up that’s not in their usual agenda.

Look for candidates who show they can respond to challenges without getting stressed. They might give specific evidence of where they did this on their cover letter, or you could decide to test them in an interview situation by giving them an unexpected task to complete.


Effective communication skills are the essential recipe for a smooth running company where everyone is on the same page. Bringing in a new member of the team who cannot communicate with others could be detrimental. So it’s important that you know the signs of a good communicator.

With the written application, good communication skills will mean that your candidate can write clearly and coherently with no mistakes. They may also acknowledge where they’ve previously used negotiation skills, presented to groups or worked in a team.  

While it’s important to think about how these skills are presented on paper, ultimately, you should be able to assess someone’s communication skills in person more easily. Make sure they speak clearly, so you can understand them, can listen to instructions and make eye contact with you.

In summary

Finding the right employee for your company is important, so make sure to look for these skills in your candidates. This will help you to find those who are the most suitable and talented for your position.

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