Part of Polypipe Group plc, Nuaire is the UK market leader in energy efficient domestic, commercial and industrial ventilation solutions. Its fans are used in all types of commercial and residential buildings, infrastructure projects and numerous applications by original equipment manufacturers in the UK and around the world. Nuaire employs around 500 employees across two manufacturing sites.

Key facts

  • Long-term Focused Recruitment client, working together since 2007
  • Preferred recruitment partner with 5-year supply agreement in place until 2020
  • Up to 80 temporary employees supplied on a daily basis
  • All permanent shop floor staff are recruited from temporary staff supplied by Focused Recruitment

Services delivered

  • Interviewing and assessing candidates
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Reference checking
  • Inducting new candidates
  • Confirming suitability to work
  • Filling highly skilled permanent and temporary positions
  • Filling and managing high volume semi-skilled temporary positions

Recruitment challenge

Nuaire had previously used two well-known high street recruitment agencies but found that as the agencies were getting bigger, their service was getting worse.

Nuaire Director of Manufacturing Operations, Alun Jones, explains: “The other agencies were too big to care. The speed of response was slow and our contacts were always changing. We were constantly rebriefing the agencies and, on top of that, we were struggling to get hold of our contacts. Eventually we decided to switch to a local agency that would provide the focused, high quality service we needed.”

Nuaire has a shop floor workforce comprising up to 80 temporary and 230 permanent employees. Aside from finding a recruitment agency which would meet its service expectations, one of Nuaire’s biggest challenges is that manufacturing demand and requests for annual leave both peak during the summer months. This leaves a requirement of up to 80 temporary workers on any given working day.

Recruitment solution

Nuaire has been working in partnership with Focused Recruitment to meet its temporary and permanent workforce requirements since 2007. As with all its clients, Focused Recruitment paid an initial visit to Nuaire’s factory and continues to do so on a regular basis. These visits allow Focused to gain and maintain a detailed understanding of how Nuaire operates and its recruitment requirements.

Focused supplies candidates to fill highly skilled permanent and temporary positions as well as up to 80 semi-skilled temporary positions on a daily basis. Services provided to meet these requirements include interviewing and assessing candidates, drug and alcohol testing, reference checking, confirming suitability to work as well as inducting new candidates.

Focused initially serviced Nuaire alongside the two high street agencies and then later on an informal sole supplier basis. With the implementation of the AWR Nuaire and Focused’s relationship was formalised with a 3-year preferred partner agreement. After three successful years of consistently exceeding expectations, in 2015 this agreement was renegotiated and extended with a 5-year preferred partner agreement.

Results and benefits

The long-term partnership relationship with Nuaire means Focused acts as a seamless extension of the company. Alun explains: “Focused Recruitment is a true business partner to Nuaire. They are totally embedded with us and truly understand what we want to achieve. We have worked in partnership for many years and one thing we know is that Kathryn and her team can always pull it off – they do an absolutely first class job.

“Focused’s service is responsive, high quality and reliable. We have several departmental managers all dealing directly with Focused. They are all delighted with the service they receive, as is our HR department. Issues are very rare and dealt with very quickly.

“The volume of temps we use is virtually hassle-free with Focused managing all the pre-employment checks, including drug and alcohol testing which we used to do ourselves.

“Importantly, Focused adds value to our business by making us responsive to fluctuating demand. Customers continue to receive short order lead times regardless of factory loading. The ability to quickly recruit high quality factory labour maintains our high service levels and ultimately helps us win more work.”

Nuaire HR Manager Tina Williams adds: “Focused keeps us up to date with legislation, average salaries and any changes on the horizon such as with pensions and living wage. This ensures we are well prepared, can put in place the right solutions and get the best possible candidates by always being competitive.

“Focused was a great support to us during the implementation of the AWR, putting a structure in place for shop floor pay grades and improving the pay structure for all direct labour. Ongoing KPI reports ensure we are all where we need to be.

“Our long-term preferred recruitment partner agreement with Focused Recruitment is a statement of our confidence in their services. It is certainly unusual for our business to have a 5-year supplier agreement. It’s a benefit Focused have earned through sustained high service levels.

“The preferred partner agreement has been useful in that it has solidified how we work together and everyone knows where they stand. We often give short deadlines with notifications on a Thursday for a Monday start. They always deliver high quality, suitable candidates. They never let us down or waste our time.”

Alun continues: “What impresses us most about Focused is that people are a complicated, variable commodity and yet Focused consistently get it right with the reliable people they supply. We certainly don’t see any variability in the service we receive.

“Moving away from high-street agencies to a local agency was a big decision at the time but I’m pleased to say we’ve never looked back!”

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